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Referral Marketing has proven itself to be one of the purest forms of free enterprise left in our economy. It generates billions of dollars in income for millions of homes across the world. Most importantly, it is congruent with our belief that every single person is entitled to create a significant life - regardless of age, gender, race, education or religion. Also, by cutting out the middleman, referral marketing is the most effective and green form of distribution. Orders go directly from our warehouse to your doorstep, without creating a large carbon footprint.

As you are discovering, our purpose extends far beyond selling wellness products. It is about helping people create a lifestyle of Inspired Wellness, which includes balance in health, personal growth and lifelong learning, as well as financial security. By choosing referral marketing, we empower every individual with the opportunity to experience true Inspired Wellness, while creating an income for themselves and their families - all through personal connections with other human beings.